Aniwell Filtabac 120g
Aniwell Filtabac 120g
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Aniwell Filtabac 120g

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What is FiltaBac?

FiltaBac is an antibacterial cream and sun block

FiltaBac has a SPF of 29-33 and works as a sunscreen through titanium dioxide and zinc oxide physically reflecting UV. It protects against sunburn and photosensitivity caused by facial eczema or ingestion of any substances likely to cause photosensitivity.  

A thin film of FiltaBac cream will cover and protect damaged skin areas with a breathable covering. FiltaBac is active against many strains of Gram+ve and Gram-ve bacteria. Because of its adhesive properties, it provides long term antibacterial protection for:

  • broken, grazed skin areas
  • bites from other animals
  • cuts and gashes
  • irritated skin
  • mud fever
  • rain scald
  • thrush
  • clipper rash
  • fly/tick bites
  • flystrike
  • bit pressure and mouth damage
  • girth galls/girth rub/saddle pressure areas 

It can be used instead of a traditional bandage for those hard-to-bandage areas. 

It forms a barrier against dirt, pathogens and chemical contamination; e.g. for dogs prone to plant contact allergies.

If suturing is likely to be delayed FiltaBac Cream will protect the integrity of the wound and can remain in a wound that is sutured due to its non-reactive antibacterial qualities.