Betavet Ashwagandha
Betavet Ashwagandha
Betavet Ashwagandha
Healthy as a Horse

Betavet Ashwagandha

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Calmer and Gastric Conditioner

Standardised active ingredients in single herbs delivered in a pure concentrated extract powder form designed to provide a complete therapeutic dosage at lower dosage rates. These herbs are chosen for their specific actions to enable the health and wellbeing of all horses including mares and senior horses. The herbs have been tested free of common contaminants and levels of important active ingredients to ensure maximum herbal benefit.

All powders are combined with a sustainably produced algae which is harvested under strict control off the pristine coast of Iceland and are an exceptionally rich source of calcium and co-factors. The red marine minerals act as a buffer in the digestive tract, stomach and hind gut and help reduce the effect of excessive acid production – the precursor to equine stomach ulceration or EGUS. The red marine minerals contain calcium and magnesium and 72 minerals and trace elements in a highly absorbable form to help reduce stress and assist with nutritional uptake and digestive function.

✔️ Wellbeing, calming and conditioning tonic from Ayuvedic medicine
✔️ Helps support the stress response in nervous and young horses
✔️ Natural weight gainer horses who struggle to hold or develop top line
✔️ Provides dietary fibre for the proliferation of healthy gut flora
✔️ Beneficial for appetite, gut and intestinal health
✔️ Readily available bioavailable minerals and trace elements
✔️ Natural calcium supplement
✔️ Contains no banned substances


One scoop = 10gm