Biodine 250ml Spray
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Biodine 250ml Spray

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Povidone-iodine 10% equivalent to 1% available iodine in a solution.

A bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal and virucidal antiseptic.


Before surgery and during operation to disinfect the operating site.

After surgery to prevent wound infections.


Directions for Use:

Apply undiluted to the skin, mucous membranes, wounds or burns. Apply undiluted as a wet compress for at least 30 minutes where a sporicidal effect is desired, or where the wound or burn is heavily contaminated.

The colour of Biodine Antiseptic Solution indicates continuing antiseptic activity. More should be applied when the colour fades. The brown film delineates the treated area and is easily washed off skin and natural fabrics.

Biodine Antiseptic Solution is a nonirritating, non-staining (with the exception of synthetics) and film-forming antiseptic.

Other Information:
Store in a dry place below 30°C.

Safety Data Sheet available upon request