Equi-Gold Electrolyte Plus
Healthy as a Horse

Equi-Gold Electrolyte Plus

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  • Electrolyte and B-group vitamin supplement for performance horses engaged in all forms of racing, training or sporthorse activity.


    Apple flavoured powder containing:

    • sodium chloride 188g
    • sodium sulphate 62.5g
    • sodium bicarbonate 94g
    • potassium chloride 26g
    • magnesium sulphate 25g
    • mono calcium phosphate 49g
    • choline bitartrate 17.6g
    • rutin 1.7g
    • inositol 8.7g
    • vitamin B1 3.4g
    • vitamin B22.76g
    • vitamin B6 0.158g
    • vitamin B12 0.0143g
    • vitamin E 3.6g
    • niacin 10.45g
    • organic zinc 30g
    • dextrose

    Available in 1.5kg, 3kg, 6kg and 18kg plastic pails.

    What is Equi-Gold Electrolyte Plus for?

    Formulated to replace salts lost in sweat. Assists recovery, counters fatigue, dehydration, and as a boost for performance.

    Suited for performance horses engaged in all forms of racing, training or sporthorse activity.

    How does Equi-Gold Electrolyte Plus work?

    Resupplies electrolyte and B-group vitamins that are lost in sweating


      30g daily (feed extra 30g pre/post race or competition).
      30g daily (especially yearlings during sale preparation and stallions serving).
      30g daily (extra 30g in the evening feed during competition).
      60–90g pre travel and extra 30g in the drinking water during travel.

    Other Information:
    Store in a dry place below 25°C. Replace lid tightly after use.