Grand Meadows Mega Grand Flex
Healthy as a Horse

Grand Meadows Mega Grand Flex

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What is Mega Grand Flex for?

Mega Grand Flex provides joint support. Suited for competition horses, horses in various disciplines or senior horses.

How does Mega Grand Flex work?

Mega Grand Flex contains all the important co-factors contained in original Grand Flex, plus 12,500mg of Glucosamine and 10,000mg of MSM per measure. For an even more powerful approach Grand H.A. can be added or you can switch to Grand H.A. Synergy.

When results have been achieved, it may not be necessary to use Mega Grand Flex on a long term basis, but you can change to Grand Flex, Grand Complete or Grand H.A. for long term maintenance and joint support.

Adult horse (500kg): 28.5g/day.

Joint support for your horse with higher levels of glucosamine and the addition of MSM.

Ingredients in each 28.35g dose:

  • Glucosamine HCl 12,500mg
  • MSM 10,000mg
  • Vitamin C 500mg
  • Manganese 250mg
  • Zinc 200mg
  • Lysine 200mg
  • Vitamin B3 150mg
  • Bioflavonoids 100IU
  • Proline 80mg
  • Copper 50mg

Available in 1.7kg (60 doses), 4.54kg (160 doses) and 9.09kg (320 doses) packs.