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Vetpro Virex

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3 Horses Virex is a 100% natural therapeutic product for horses to aid in the relief of symptoms associated with viral respiratory infections.

Viral respiratory infections are extremely common in horses. They are a major cause of respiratory disease and poor performance. They cause irritation and inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract, leading to the symptoms of nasal discharge, persistent cough and louder than normal respiration during exercise (‘thick winded’).

Early recognition and treatment is important to ensure a fast, uncomplicated recovery. Two important parts of the treatment program are the avoidance of stress (which means keeping the horse rested and warm) and the alleviation of the symptoms.

3 Horses Virex works in three ways:

  • By reducing the viscosity of the mucus that block the airways.
  • As an expectorant.
  • By soothing and relieving the respiratory tracts.

The Liquorice Extract contains Glycyrrhetinic Acid, soothing the airways and thereby reducing the frequency and intensity of coughing.

Potassium Iodide and Anise Oil are both good expectorants, while Ammonium Chloride breaks the thick mucus secretions down, allowing them to flow up the ‘respiratory tree’ and out the nostrils.

3 Horses Virex can also be used when other factors such as dust, allergies or bacterial infections produce irritation of the respiratory tract.

3 Horses Virex contains no prohibited substances so it can be used before and during competition. It is palatable and easy to administer via an oral dosing syringe. Continue for 10-12 days or until horse shows signs of recovery. If the condition persists consult a veterinarian.

Active Ingredients:
Ammonium Chloride 18.5%
Potassium Iodide 6%
Liquorice Extract 5%
Anise Oil 1.5%

0.1mL per Kg LWT
Adult Horse – 60mLs twice daily
Yearlings – 40mLs twice daily
Weanlings – 20mLs twice daily