Betavet Echinacea Premier
Betavet Echinacea Premier
Betavet Echinacea Premier
Betavet Echinacea Premier
Healthy as a horse

Betavet Echinacea Premier

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Scientifically formulated herbal preparation designed  to help support healthy immune function for optimal health.
  • A healthy immune system improves resistance to and recovery from illness.
  • For allergies: helps to maintain healthy upper respiratory mucus membranes which act as a barrier to airborne allergens.
  • Echinacea can be safely used in conjunction with veterinary medicines.
  • Echinacea should not replace normal veterinary care.

BetaVet Ltd for innovative formulae developed from the latest clinical research and traceable quality assured ingredients.

Each 20ml dose contains dried herb equivalent:

    • Echinacea root (Echinacea purpurea) 10,000mg
    • Natural licorice flavour
    • Contains vegetable glycerine


  • 10-20ml one to three times daily.
  • For best results load dose at first sign of symptoms.
  • Give in feed or by oral syringe.
  • Avoid shared water troughs at competitions at all times.